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#30BeforeThirty No.3: Letting Myself Be Great

False humility is the enemy of success. At least in my case. Sure, it’s not as obvious as procrastination or ill-preparedness, but it’s up there. And when I say “humility” I’m not talking about the virtuous opposite of pride. I’m talking about the “you don’t know you’re beautiful” nonsense that many of us (mainly women) are tricked into thinking is a requirement for being liked.

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#30BeforeThirty No.1: Forgiveness (Self)

I'm not the best at letting myself off the hook for past mistakes. I often find myself muttering expletives, calling myself an idiot for that time I didn't stand up for myself or that day I let someone down. Sometimes these regret-filled events are years old.

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Route 66: A Road Trip Down Memory Lane | Part 1: Chicago to Texas

In 2015 I went to America for the first time. I didn't want to go; the US had never appealed to me. I couldn't imagine it having any type of culture. I didn't like burgers or hot dogs. Then there was the whole guns thing. Honestly, the thought of going there scared me a little bit. But my boyfriend had wanted to drive Route 66 since he learned to drive and eventually I was swayed by his enthusiasm.

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