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My first Oribe review covering the staples of the original Moisture & Control Range is my most read post on the blog, ever. Since then, a lot of you have been wanting a review of the co-wash, which wasn’t covered in that post. So here it is:

The Blurb

Let’s start by answering the question “What is a co-wash?” A co-wash is basically a non-foaming cleanser for your hair that largely resembles a conditioner. Co-Wash = conditioner-only wash. In its beginnings, and still in a lot of cases, especially for those of us on a budget, people just skip the shampoo step and just use conditioner when washing their hair. Over time, brands have developed dedicated co-wash products with non-foaming cleansing agents that are able to clean the hair without stripping or drying it. Non-foaming hair cleansers have been particularly popular with those of us with kinky, coily and curly hair types for some time, because our hair is prone to dryness and therefore breakage. But co-washing can be good for most hair types.

Most people over wash their hair. It is instinctual to tilt our heads back in the shower, whack a dollop of shampoo in our palms and work up a big soapy lather, just as we do with our bodies (but hopefully not our faces). But is it necessary to make your hair squeaky clean every day? Or even every other day? It really isn’t, in my opinion. Using shampoo too frequently can actually cause the scalp to produce excess sebum, therefore making it even greasier. Counterproductive or what? Over washing can also dry out the hair shaft, causing breakage, and lead to hair dye fading faster than you’d like.

The most common reservations that come up when I’m discussing co-washing with people are around sweating; exercise, hot weather, etc. People just can’t get their head around getting into the shower with a greasy head, applying something that looks and feels like a conditioner, and coming out with anything other than an even more greasy head. But a good co-wash can be the answer to a problem you didn’t know you had. Especially if you need to wash your hair frequently because of your job or a sweaty hobby. Clean hair without any dryness? That’s what a co-wash can offer you in a way a shampoo can’t. And the best thing is, unlike with shampoo, a co-wash doesn’t open up the hair cuticle, meaning you don’t need to follow it up with a conditioner to close it back up. Co-Wash = a literal 2-in-1 product that does what it says on the tin.

Is a co-wash cleansing enough to ditch shampoo for good? There’s quite a bit of debate on this within the hair community, with varying opinions on both sides. Personally, I think lathering your hair up to high heaven on a regular basis is overkill. Hair doesn’t need to literally squeak to be clean. I wash my hair no more than once per week. Three weeks out of four I use a co-wash and then, once a month I use a low-foaming shampoo for a deep clean. My hair is the healthiest it has ever been.

Whew! Now that we’ve got all that out of the way…

The Review

Oribe did not invent the co-wash, but they’ve served up a bloody good version of it in the Cleansing Cream for Moisture & Control. Now, if you’ve read my first Oribe review, you’ll know one of the reasons I admire the brand is because they truly do their best to cover all bases and cater to everyone. But like I said, they did not invent the concept and I had been co-washing for years before I’d even heard of Oribe. In fact, I had already found my holy grail co-wash and half-scoffed when I learned that they made one - mainly because of the price. What could they possibly bring to the table that my current co-wash wasn’t already serving up for half the price? Is Oribe really worth the extra coins? Well let’s find out:

Did I Like It?:

Yes! Like Wow!

Why I Liked It:

It really is the best co-wash I’ve ever used. Which it should be, given the price! But seriously - my hair feels as clean as when I use shampoo, but it also feels mega soft. My styling products apply better and seem to last longer without the need to refresh my curls. I have less frizz and my colour (I currently have coral highlights) lasts 10 times longer than when I was using traditional shampoo. Above everything else, I don’t feel like I have to compromise on how clean my hair is just because I’m using a cleanser that doesn’t foam. I’ve used other co-washes that are good, but don’t leave my hair feeling quite this clean. I’ve had similar feedback from people with straight hair, too which tells me it is a pretty universal product. Though I would say it is definitely aimed towards dryer hair types, particularly afro and mixed-textured hair. But, trust me - if you dye your hair a lot, this will change your life! Colour preservation and combats dryness and breakage? Yes please!

Key Ingredients:

  • Orange & Lemon Blossom extracts which act as natural astringents to cleanse the hair without the need for foam

  • Water Mint essence to soothe the scalp

  • Caffeine to stimulate stimulation of the scalp

  • Coconut Oil to strengthen hair


A slightly mintier version of Oribe’s signature scent, which is a nice blend of fruit, woody scents and herby botanicals.


That of a medium-to-heavyweight conditioner. Creamy but not particularly oily. Spreads through the hair and scalp easily.


£41 for 250ml

How I used it:

Oribe recommend using the top of the lid as a size guide for how much to use. That’s about the size of a 10p coin (a quarter, if you’re American), but I likely use a bit more than that. Anyway, I get my dollop, and I spread it around my scalp - my hair is wet, of course - just like I would with shampoo. Adding a bit more water to my scalp helps to spread the product around more. Then I work it through to my ends, detangling with my fingers and rinse. Then repeat, et voila! Sometimes I leave it on for a while, like I would a conditioner or mask

Would I Repurchase?:

Definitely. In spite of myself - and the price - I really love this, you guys. It’s a bloody great co-wash; a fantastic hair cleanser in its own right. And it makes me happy to see afro hair catered to in the luxury market. But if I were on a budget, there are cheaper alternatives out there that I could use. That said, I’d rather skimp on my shampoo & conditioner, and blow my budget on this because it really is that good!

Here are a few pics of my curls, for reference. Obviously, I’ve used styling products in the photos so this is more to show my hair type.

While I am not directly affiliated with Oribe, I do work in a salon that is an official Oribe stockist. That said, this post is not sponsored and all products mentioned in this piece were purchased by me. I take my reviews very seriously and will only every share my honest, unbiased views on here. Because otherwise, what’s the point, right?

Thanks for reading! Hit me up in the comments if you have any questions about any of the things I have discussed here. Let me know if there are any products you would like me to review next.

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