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7 sachets and I’m hooked! 

Jordan Samuel Skin Performance Cream

I wanted to wait until I had the full-sized tube to commit my love for this product to print, but life’s too short and I knew by day 3 that this was one of my top moisturisers of all time. Strong words, I know but I was really taken aback by this mighty tube of goodness.

The Short Version:

Did I Like It?:

Uh - yeah!


It’s perfect. It made my skin feel like satin and gave a beautiful lit-from-within glow withut being shiny at all. It’s rich but light which is super rare for a moisturiser - usually creams that feel nourishing also leave me feeling greasy or break me out, and creams that don’t break me out can sometimes feel too light and kind of pointless. It’s basically the goldilocks of moisturisers.

Key Ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid, peptides, squalane, green tea water.


Light and fresh; pretty nondescript and subtle.


Light but not runny. Water-based but not watery. A very light creamy texture.


$38 (about £30) for 60ml

How I Used It:

As the last step in my routine (unless wearing SPF), morning and night.

Would I Repurchase?:

100% - Like, it makes me want to quit all other moisturisers for life.

The Long Version:

Since I discovered actives I’ve been a little less enthusiastic about moisturisers. Now that my routine has expanded out from the basic “cleanse, tone, moisturise” I put a little less emphasis on the face cream part of my routine; it’s become part of the ensemble cast rather than the leading role, shall we say. I also stopped expecting great things from my moisturisers - stopped noticing them even. With acids or retinol, you see and feel the effects pretty quickly and I got tired of spending a load money on face creams that didn’t seem to “do” anything.

I was a bit skeptical about the Performance Cream at first - mainly because of the way it was described on its own website and packaging. It’s basically presented a base/canvas to mix, match and add stuff to: “you can mix and layer this cream with all other Jordan Samuel Skin serums and oils to allow the spotlight to shine bright throughout your daily performance.” I didn’t really want that - I wanted a really good moisturiser that stood on its on its own two feet that I didn’t have to add droplets of this or that to. But I purchased a few sachets, anyway because I was in NYC and ordering the cleansers and it seemed like a minimal commitment at $9 for 7 little packets.

After doing some more research on the brand and the product line, I found that their philosophy centres around the personalisation and customisation of skin care routines to suit the individual. Most of the products are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes and an endless amount of cocktails can be made by mixes different products together to make masks, serums and creams, depending on what your skin needs.

The first two days I was so excited about trying out the cleansers that I didn’t really pay attention to how my skin responded to the moisturiser. However, on the 3rd night, after cleansing, I skipped acid toning and retinol and went straight in with the Performance Cream. And, let me tell you - it was a bloody delight. It glided on like a dream, spreading really well - and we love a “little goes a long way” type of product! No greasy or oily residue and my skin was left feeling like satin. It has been so long since I have been this excited about a moisturiser.

Instantly I was furious with myself for not ordering the full size and went straight online to buy some - alas, it was out of stock and has been for some time. I have been reassured by the JS customer service team that they will be restocking its just a question of when. So the good news is that I have finally found my Holy Grail moisturiser for lifey, the bad news is that I will have to shell out an exponential amount of cash to get it to the UK as JS currently charges $25 international shipping and there will be customs fees on my end. Sigh.

According to the JS website, they are working on getting EU certification and it will be easier to get hold of the products in the UK fairly soon, but there isn’t a confirmed date yet.

Back to the bright side, though: the stuff works. Like really bloody works. And that goes for the entire range - what I’ve tried anyway, and I’m keen to try out more. I’m not sure I’ll be investing in the facial oils because I have acne flare-up phobias when it comes to oil based products but otherwise I’d happy hand over my money for anything Jordan Samuel puts his name to. So the plan? Order two of everything next time to make the shipping costs worth it! 

That Jordan Samuel Glow <3 (plus a little bit of light makeup, obvs!)

That Jordan Samuel Glow <3 (plus a little bit of light makeup, obvs!)

Jordan Samuel Skin retail exclusively online and ship throughout the US. For readers in Canada, JSS now including duties & taxes within the shipping costs (yay!). For readers in the UK & Europe, they are currently working on EU certification and hope to launch in the UK in Autumn 2019. You’ll find me here, counting down the days.

** UPDATE: IMPORTANT FOR EU SHOPPERS - the customs fee I was charged for this import adds up to an eyewatering total of £58.24 which breaks down into a £46.24 customs fee and a £12 processing fee. I love you, JSS but… Ouch.

This post is not sponsored and I am not affiliated with Jordan Samuel Skincare in any way. All products mentioned in the post were paid for, in full by me and my views are completely based on my honest, unbiased experiences.

While I am in no way affiliated with Jordan Samuel Skin and purchased the above mentioned items full price, with my hard earned cash money, I do have a refer-a-friend code, should you wish to use it. Get 15% off your first purchase by clicking here or using promo code FRIEND-NVNX69F

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