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The Blurb

Believe it or not, up until a few months ago, I had never tried anything by Nars. I’m not sure why. It just never screamed out as a brand that was aimed at me - a person of below average makeup skills. But I was given a Space NK voucher and wanted a nice, everyday foundation and was directed towards the cult-fave Sheer Glow. And the rest is beauty addict history.

When the Orgasm Limited Edition range launched, it caught my eye. This palette in particular because the colours were so pretty and the name is an obvious attention getter. Endless Orgasm. Who wouldn’t want one of those? Coupled with the fact that the shades on offer were so pretty and sparkly in all of the pictures.

I was a little surprised to find that the palette was a cream formula, and therefore not quite as sparkly as it had been made to appear online. I decided to keep it in spite of my initial disappointment because I was due to go on holiday and figured it would be a good one for travel because of the ease of finger application and no need to pack brushes.

The Review

Did I Like It?:

It’s nice. Not groundbreaking or the answer to my makeup palette prayers, but nice.


To start off with a positive: all of the colours are pretty and universally flattering. That should be the standard for palettes in this day and age but sadly, it is not, and so we thank you for that, Nars. It is also pretty foolproof as far as application goes as Nars recommends using fingers. No advanced brush skills required. The colour pay off is on the sheer side so you need a few layers if you want your look to go beyond a your-skin-but-better vibe - and even then, YSBB is the ball park we’re playing in. Layering isn’t a huge problem as it doesn’t cake, but it can feel a bit sticky on the skin - not the most ideal formula for oily-skinned babes like me. Even though the brand claims it is a multi-use palette, it’s a big no-no as an eyeshadow - despite what the Nars online tutorials say - as mine creased and gathered into my crease in a gross way within an hour or so. I have read that it makes a good base for layering eyeshadows on top, but that defeats the point of a multi-use palette, in my opinion. It does go on nicely on the lips, though and is lovely as a highlighter, if you’re going for more of a day-glow, natural effect than a sexy robot vibe. It’s also worth noting the shades don’t look half as sparkly or pigmented IRL than in pictures.


  • ORGASM ECSTASY (Soft beige with gold pearl)

  • DEEP ORGASM (Metallic mauve)

  • SUPER ORGASM (Iridescent pink with golden shimmer)

  • DOUBLE ORGASM (Iridescent pink lilac with silver shimmer)

  • ORGASM FEVER (Iridescent copper)

  • ORGASM (Metallic rose gold)

*swatch intensity achieved by going over each one 3 times.


Unscented. Just a neutral makeup smell


Creamy balm. Not quite greasy - unless you apply quite heavily.



How I used it:

So this has become my go to for makeup on the go, or for days when I don’t want to wear much more than a tinted SPF for my base and need something to add a bit of oomph to my look. It’s also great for holidays or hot summer days when you don’t want a full-face but still want a bit of glow in your life.

  • Orgasm Ecstasy is usually my go-to highlight. It’s lovely on the high points of the face; brow bone, etc.

  • Orgasm Fever is a great bronzer or a subtle cheekbone contour (I wouldn’t risk attempting to contour my whole face with this purely because of the shine factor).

  • Deep Orgasm & Super Orgasm are my go-to blush shades. I often use a combination of the two.

Would I Repurchase?:

Alas, I would not. And not just because it is a limited release and will soon go out of stock with no sign of returning. Although it applies easily and is universally flattering, I can’t help but feel a bit cheated out of my £46. The colour pay off is a little too sheer for what I was expecting for the price, the reputation Nars carries as a brand, and because it is a part of the Orgasm range. If this palette was a powder formulation, I am without doubt that it would have knocked the world’s socks off! But it isn’t and my socks remain firmly on my feet. I will continue to be grateful for this palette on days when I have overslept and need something foolproof I can apply on the bus or train on the way to work. It will not, however, be a part of my core routine on days when I want to look anything more than a little flushed. See what I did there..?

Nars Endless Orgasm Palette Review

Above is me pictured wearing the palette on top of Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, as described in the “How I Used It” part of this review.

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