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Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

If you’ve read my recent empties post, you’ll already know a bit about my thoughts on this but I thought this cult fave cleanser deserved a post of its own.

The Short Version:

Did I Like It?:


Why I Liked It:

You don’t need much, it feels soothing to the skin and removes makeup well. Also, it’s pink.

Key Ingredients:

MSM, Chamomile, Rose, Omega 6, Vitamin A, Pumkin Enzymes.


Roses. And a little bit fruity. Kind of like the Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm, if you’ve tried that. I was actually a bit concerned by the amount of fragrance upon first use because I get often breakouts from heavily fragranced products. That said, my skin was fine and the smell isn’t super strong or synthetic smelling - I actually really love how it smells. May still be something to consider, though if you are extremely sensitive to fragrance.


Gel-to-oil. More of a light balm than a true gel, though. Not quite as greasy as a full-on balm cleanser.


£33 for 100ml

How I used it:

1 pump (or sometimes two, when I’m feeling flush) massaged onto dry skin until the gel turns into an oil-like consistency. I then wet my hands and massage my skin again until the product turns into a milky emulsion. Finally, I remove with a wet flannel/face cloth. Note: this product does not foam - and for that I am thankful. I’ve also sort of used it as a mask while in the shower. There are just too many good ingredients in this product to just wash off straight away!

Would I Repurchase?:


The Long Version:

I was excited to try this cleanser because of all the hype surrounding it, but that also made me hesitant. In this brave new world of sponsored posts and PR trips Hawaii, it’s getting harder to separate the wheat from the naff, where beauty reviews are concerned. And sometimes the most hyped things are, in fact, pretty average. Or worse, the person raving about it has only used it once and just wants to cash in on those sponsorship cheques. So you may find it useful to know that I have been using this product for a number of months and this is much more than a “first impressions” kind of review.

One of things that pleased me when looking into Oskia was discovering they are British brand - I like supporting British business, where possible. I also like that they have a multi-disciplinary approach to skincare: combining nutritional and cosmetic science into their product formulations. The name “Oskia” itself translates to “delivering nutrients” in Ancient Greek.

In terms of how I found using it day-to-day, it’s an absolute treat. It smells beautiful - a great balance of floral and fruity and the fragrance is naturally derived so you don’t feel overpowered by it - and more importantly, it didn’t break me out. It feels really nourishing and moisturising and sort of glides onto the skin. I found myself looking forward to washing my face at night because it meant getting to use it again. Definitely a good cleanser to use for facial massage. It’s great for taking makeup off, too - some would argue that using it to remove makeup is a waste of money but I still think my skin benefits from it, even when I have makeup or SPF on.

I also use it in the mornings a few times a week, when my skin feels dehydrated or needs an extra boost. I would definitely recommend using a flannel to wash it off your face if you have makeup on. I use a flannel regardless of makeup or SPF to make sure I have removed all of the product and dirt from my skin, anyway. That said, I have tried using this as a rinse-off cleanser and I’d say it’s fine for a morning cleanse, particularly if you have drier skin types and aren’t sensitive, or are simply in a rush, but I would always use a flannel/wash cloth to be on the safe side.

While I wouldn’t normally reach for a cleanser when wanting to remedy skin dullness or to exfoliate my skin, I was pleasantly surprised by how bright my skin looked after using it a few times. It doesn’t exfoliate enough to eliminate acid toning, or anything, but it’s just an added bonus and further evidence that this is a all-rounder cleansing product. Oskia do an exfoliating mask in the same range that I am keen to try in conjunction with the cleanser for a full-on skin-brightening experience.

Fresh faced and ready for bed, post cleansing with Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel.

Fresh faced and ready for bed, post cleansing with Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel.

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