I Spent £150+ On Oribe Haircare | Was It Worth It...?


I’m very excited to share my thoughts on Oribe and their Moisture & Control Range. This range is aimed at kinky, curly, dry and frizz-prone hair types. I have type 3c curly hair with a dry and sometimes flaky scalp and so I chose to purchase the 4 products that looked most like they could act as a complete hair care routine from wash to finish.

Before we venture any further, I’d like to state that I did not buy the whole range all at once. I’m no stranger to a splurge but let’s get real, an average of £40 per product is a lot to spend on a brand before you know how well it works for you. I originally started with the styling products as that’s generally more important to me than what I use to wash my hair. I then expanded to more of the range because I wanted to get an idea of how the brand worked for my hair as a whole. Suffice it to say, I was impressed, but before we get into the details, let’s talk a little bit about the brand itself.

Oribe is a high end, high-tech, luxury brand founded in 2008. What sets them apart from other brands is that they include ingredients in their formulas that are typically found only in skincare, such as salicylic acid, niacinamide and retinyl palmitate. Everything from their ingredients to the materials used for their packaging are sustainably sourced (which goes some way to explaining the cost) and they do not test on animals or sell their products in countries that do.

My first encounter with Oribe was about 3 years ago when I received a bottle of the cult-classic Dry Texturising Spray as part of a Harvey Nichols gift-with-purchase. Unfortunately, the hype around this product was completely lost on me as I have no need for “texture” - I have mixed-race, curly hair that has its own special kind of texture, built-in. I gave the fan-favourite products away to a friend but couldn’t get the brand out of my head because, hello, packaging! I challenge you to find any packaging that comes close to this! And, you know, being the beauty obsessed human that I am, I just had to know all there was to know about the brand.

I wasn’t actually expecting Oribe to have any products that would be suitable for my hair. But one of things that surprised, and continues to impress me about Oribe is their inclusivity. I stan a brand that strives to uplift and cater to every type of consumer. If you are not from a minority ethnic group you may not know this, but often, high end brands do not cater for the darker skinned or tighter curled. Most black and brown women have been stopped in their tracks many a time, when shopping for haircare, skincare, makeup, etc. simply because the tracks drop off after “honey beige” or “wavy to curly hair” - but not with Oribe.

It is no small feat to create products that are highly specialised and also create enough of them to serve the needs of people across several demographics. Oribe seem to bend over backwards to ensure that they literally have a product for every kind of hair concern you could think of. They have even recently expanded the Moisture & Control range to give even more choice to people with kinky and curly hair. Yay Oribe!

So now you know how I feel about the brand in principle, let’s talk about how I got on with the products IRL!

  1. Oribe Shampoo for Moisture & Control £40

  • Did I like it?: Yes

  • Why?: It’s definitely moisturising, as far as shampoos go. It foams but not too much. My hair felt clean but not squeaky or dry which is great because dry means frizz. I usually dread the weeks when I have to shampoo because that normally means days of dry, fluffy hair. There’s definitely less days like that when I use this shampoo. And a bottle lasts for ages.

  • Consistency: A thick liquid which is good because it helps you to not use too much - you only need a bit.

  • Smell: Like Oribe! This is probably a good time to explain that all Oribe products have the same scent. I really like that because it makes you go for the product that has the ingredients that meet your needs rather than the product you prefer the smell of! The scent is a pleasant balance of fruit, floral and herby botanical goodness.

  • How I used it: On soaking wet hair - on my scalp mainly and a very light swish across the ends if I have a lot of product build-up but not if my ends are dry. The general guide is a 10p coin size but if I’m not double-washing my hair, I tend to use a bit more. As much as I needed to get a light lather. Adding a bit of water can help the product spread across your scalp better.

  • Would I repurchase?: No - only because I try not to shampoo very often and, when I do, it is mainly to cleanse my scalp and get rid of any flakiness. I have tried Oribe Serene Scalp shampoo which exfoliates the scalp with salicylic acid and prefer that. I’ve also tried Oribe Cleansing Cream which is a wonderful co-wash that I would probably use weekly and reduce shampooing to monthly.


2. Oribe Intense Conditioner for Moisture & Control £46

  • Did I like it?: Yes

  • Why?: It has satisfyingly rich and luxurious feeling. So much so, I don’t know how people can justify rinsing it off. It is definitely up there with the most moisturising conditioners I have ever used. One of the heaviest, too. Some people might even prefer it as a mask. Oribe offer a lighter version of this for thinner hair types.

  • Consistency: Thick, creamy, heavy.

  • Smell: Oribe signature scent: a pleasant balance of fruit, floral and herby botanical goodness.

  • How I used it: After shampooing/co-washing, on wet hair. Mainly on the ends but a bit on the scalp, too as my hair tends to be dry all the way to the root and I have volume in spades so I can afford to let it weigh my hair down a bit.

  • Would I repurchase?: Maybe - probably in winter. If budget was my main concern, this would be the first product to go as there are cheaper conditioners out there that would do what I need for this step in my routine. As this is a product I leave in my hair, rather than rinse out, the cost isn’t as much of a sting, however, it could be replaced by a thicker styling cream rather than layering multiple products for optimal hydration and hold.


3. Oribe Curl Control Silkening Cream £39

  • Did I like it?: Yes

  • Why?: It’s magic, I swear! Hydration without the heaviness. It gives killer definition to curls and moisturises my hair beautifully. It also has a little bit of hold - not enough for my hair on its own but every little helps!

  • Consistency: A light cream, not too runny.

  • Smell: Oribe signature scent: a pleasant balance of fruit, floral and herby botanical goodness.

  • How I used it: Raked through sections of my hair when wet but not dripping. Probably anywhere from a 5p - 20p dollop, per section, depending on how thirsty my hair is. I’d say I split my hair into 6 sections.

  • Would I repurchase?: An emphatic “Yes!” - I really thought I’d tried everything when it came to curl care and styling but this product blew my mind! The only thing that could make this product better is if it had enough hold to be used as a standalone styling product without the need for a gel on top to seal everything in. I’m sure this will act as that one-and-done product from some hair types, but not mine.

  • Notes: Would be a solid go-to styling product for people with wavy - curly hair (types 2a - 3a); a great pre-gel curl cream to activate definition for tighter curls (types 3a - 3c); and possibly as a leave-in for kinky and coily hair (types 4a - 4c) as a precursor to a hair butter or oil-gel, but I would say that there are better suited products in the Moisture & Control range for kinky hair.

    I’ve included a screenshot below of a really helpful curl chart Oribe have on their site that’s great for determining which products are best for your hair type.


4. Oribe Curl Gloss £38

  • Did I like it?: Yes

  • Why?: I was pleasantly surprised by this product. Amazed, actually. I’m kinda in love with it. It’s a gel but not. Gel 2.0, if you will. And it does exactly what it says on the tin. Hydration AND hold. No crunch (well, minimal, but one SOTC and you’re good), no crispiness, no buildup. On top of all that, it gives beautiful shine to my hair. This is the moisturising gel I never knew I needed.

  • Consistency: A runny gel that is almost syrupy and serum-like in texture.

  • Smell: Oribe signature scent: a pleasant balance of fruit, floral and herby botanical goodness.

  • How I used it: As the last step in my wash-day routine. Raked through sections of wet but not dripping hair, after I have used a moisturising styling cream. Probably a 20p sized dollop, per section. Right at the end I wet my hands to reactivate any product left on them and run my fingers through my hair, find my parting, etc. I personally don’t scrunch because I find that causes more frizz. Pulling my fingers through my wet curls during product application encourages definition and causes them to spring up and be happy and bouncy.

  • Would I repurchase?: Yes. Holy Grail of gels, right here. The only thing that could tear me away is if Oribe came out with a product that gave me the moisture, definition and hold I get from layering this on top of the Curl Control Silkening Cream.


To sum up, I’m impressed with the Oribe Moisture & Control range, in spite of the cost. To answer my initial question: Was it worth it? To be honest, kinda, yeah. I didn’t want it to be. As much as I don’t like the idea of throwing money down the drain, part of me was secretly hoping the products would be rubbish and that you wouldn’t be able to tell that they cost more than other brands. But I could tell. My hair is definitely happier for it and looks consistently better.

I’d like to add, at this point when we’re talking about cost, that the products last a ridiculously long time. My 175ml bottle of curl gloss lasted just over 3 months. 4 months in and I’m not even half way through my bottle of shampoo. What I’m saying it, yes the products cost more and there are definitely cheaper alternatives out there that work well, but for me, the price was a little easier to swallow once I realised how far the products stretched. I know for a fact I have cheaper products that I would use up in half the time.

My final thought on the range is that it was really nice knowing while using this high-tech, high-end, fancy-pants set of products, that they were actually made with me in mind. I wasn’t making do with whatever was available for others. I was included. There’s something special about that.

Aaaaaand that’s all she wrote, folks!

To read my review of the Oribe co-wash a.k.a Cleansing Cream for Moisture & Control, click here.

Below is a chart I’ve copy and pasted from Oribe’s website that outlines the entire range, the different curl types and which product works best for which type.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 14.40.14.png

Sometimes words alone are simply not enough. Here’s a few pictures of my hair looking pretty freaking great over the past few months. And courtesy of my trusty satin bonnet and the products mentioned above, I pretty much woke up like this. Sans makeup, of course!

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this helpful. If you did, (and even if you didn’t,) get in touch in the comments :) Let me know if you want to know more on my experiences with anything mentioned here and if there are any other products you’d like me to review.

In the UK, Oribe products can be purchased from Cult Beauty and Space NK (I’ve used my “refer a friend” links, here if you fancy a tenner off)

While I am not directly affiliated with Oribe, I do work in a salon that is an official Oribe stockist. That said, this post is not sponsored and all products mentioned in this piece were purchased by me. I take my reviews very seriously and will only every share my honest, unbiased views on here. Because otherwise, what’s the point, right?

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