7 Springtime Resolutions

Daley Grace Sweeting

Now that the clocks have gone forward, the snows are behind us and we are in the warm embrace of a double bank holiday sandwich, I finally feel like I can reflect on the year so far and look at what's ahead.

My bestie is a bit of a hippie and decided long ago that she was no longer going to observe New Year at the end of December, but in spring, when the daffodils break through frosty ground, and the world becomes new again. So this year I thought, to hell with the Gregorian calendar, springtime is where it's at!

There is a lot of pressure to set resolutions at Christmas time. More often than not, we're broke, drained and being beaten over the head with diet culture. On top of all that, it's cold, and I struggle to get myself out of my onesie and into the world more than I already have to, so setting targets for myself ranks pretty low on my list. I think the fear of failure has a lot to do with my reluctance, too. If I don't set the goal, there's no reminder looming over my head.

That doesn't mean that I don't have things in my life that I wouldn't like to see improved. With that in mind, I have set a few resolutions for the coming year:

1. Stop holding myself back

No more second-guessing, self-deprecation or procrastinate. Less "maybe tomorrow" and more "why not now?" 

2. Be kinder to my bank account

I'm a bit of an emotional spender. I tend to purchase things to make myself happy. But you know what doesn't make me happy? Overdraft fees. So this year I hope to spend a little less to benefit myself in the long run. Financial care is self-care. 

3. Move my body more

I think I was a sloth in a past life. I'm lazy, and it hasn't served me well. I have a naturally small frame which gives the illusion of a person who doesn't need exercise. I do, and my laziness has made me stiff, sluggish and kind of miserable. I need some endorphins!

4. Learn new things

I have been "trying" to learn French for the past ten years. Ca ne va pas bien. I also want to master jollof rice and chocolate fudge brownies. Basically, it's about expanding my knowledge and creating a small sense of achievement here and there.

5. Appreciate my surroundings

While on the topic of goals and striving to achieve them, it can be easy to focus on nothing else; all the while life is passing by. I don't want that. In addition to building my dreams, I also want to be able to appreciate the things in my life that are good right now. My home, my friends and family, food, nature, how far I have come.  

6. Stand firm in my assertiveness

If you've read my blog post on this topic, you'll know that I am new to this assertiveness gig. It has been a scrape-facing, awkward struggle thus far but it's amazing how much I've gained from it. I found it necessary to constantly remind myself that I am not a horrible person for saying no or asking for what I deserve.  

7. ‎Stop Comparing Myself to others

I'm talking everything from societal beauty standards to educational background. I have a bad habit of holding other people's measuring sticks up against my life and then beating myself up for coming up short. It is an unproductive way of thinking that assumes that everyone around me is more happy or more satisifed with their lives. It also diminishes any talents I possess and all of my accomplishments to date.

So that's it: new year, new me! Just kidding, I'm the same with some minor improvements (hopefully).

What are your springtime resolutions, readers? Let me know in the comments! :)