#30BeforeThirty No.4: Being Present

presents pic.jpeg

So I know I said I would be trying out a new hobby this week, but honestly, in the middle of December, who has the time? It also made sense, given that 'tis the season, etc. that I talk about something a little bit more topical: being present.

They say that Christmas is a time to be with family; to surround yourself with people you love. For most of it, it is more about spending money - be it on food, or gifts, or travelling to be with said loved ones. This isn't one of those posts where I bash people for making Christmas about vapid consumerism; I like a perfectly wrapped gift as much as the next person. I'm not very good at being present. Not being THE present - being in the moment, mindful, engaged.

We spend a lot of time, money and emotional energy in the build-up to Christmas. I personally take gift giving very seriously and start my shopping in September (end of summer sales, people. Get into it!) So after I've analysed and agonised over the perfect, personalised gift, I am super excited for the giftee to open it and give me the satisfaction of their joy in return. I'm also hyper-focused on where the roast potatoes are at. I mean, is it even Christmas without potatoes?

What I'm not as focused on, though, are the in-between moments, big and small - the time between greetings and gifts; gifts and grub; grub and goodbyes. Okay, so you sit down, pull a cracker and then what? I really want to be in THOSE moments; living actively in the experience rather than just waiting for turkey.

And this applies to life beyond the holidays: I'd like to really focus on restricting my mind from wandering during conversations and moments in my everyday life.

So here goes, less phone and more focus. And if next time you see me I have a weird look on my face, worry not, I'm just trying to work out how much eye contact is normal during conversations. I may be more present, but I'm still that awkward turtle I've always been.

Thank you for reading this most recent post in the #30BeforeThirty series. Let me know if you liked what you read (or if you didn't).

Have the best Christmas, everyone!

Next up: No.5: Try out a new hobby... probably! Out Sunday 30th December.