Top 10 Rupaul's Drag Race Lip Sync Battles


UPDATE: Okay so, obviously I compiled this post months ago, before AS4, and since that epic ending to last week’s episode, I have been trying to figure out which of these 10 to bump so that I could include what I deem to be the absolute highlight of RPDR season 11 so far. In the original list, I included Category Is from the Season 9 final four challenge, because I wanted to give Shea her dues for how epic her verse was. As that performance is not strictly a “Lip Sync For Your Life” battle, it was the obvious choice to bump.

Have a scroll through to see how I ranked Yvie and Brooks elevengendary performance.

ORIGINAL POST: We are just days away from RPDR All Stars 4 and I am practically vibrating with excitement. While I am impatiently waiting for episode one to drop on Friday 14th December, I am priming my palette by rewatching some of my favourite bits of past seasons. I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 favourite ever, most wig-snatching, gag-worthy lip sync battles below.

10. Roxxxy Andrews V Alyssa Edwards: “Whip My Hair”

The original wig reveal, bruh? Of course this one made it onto the list.

9. Trinity K Bonet V Milk: “Whatta Man”

Whew! Trinity K Bonet is a sex goddess and she knows it! This was the first lip sync performance someone made me think that the song was actually theirs. If you had told me that Trinity had rerecorded this song and that was her voice, I’d have believed you. She oozed 90s hip-hop, crazy-sexy-cool and I loved every minute of it!

8. Monet XChange V Dusty Ray Bottoms: “Pound The Alarm”

That fake death drop though. Monet pounded the shxt outta that stage!

7. Peppermint V Cynthia Lee Fontaine: “Music”

When Peppermint cocks that gun and takes her aim… Nah I had to rewind that a couple times! I love that she is confident enough in her performance that she is just like “I’m gonna have fun with this.”

6. Manila Luzon V Delta Work: “Macarthur Park”

Manila!!!!!! This performance is so iconic. Manila taught me in this lip sync that there are more important things in drag (and in life) than being pretty, and one of them is being brilliant. And she is up on this stage during this number.

5. Season 11: Yvie Oddly v Brooke Lynn Hytes: “Sorry Not Sorry”

Now at the time I am updating this post to include this lip sync, it has been 7 days since it aired and I still have not managed to locate my edges. Before the song started my heart was in my mouth because I was so worried Yvie would go home and she’s my fave. And then when I thought her wig had fallen off… Jesus! And then when I realised there was another wig… Halleluliah! It was a rollercoaster of emotions let’s be honest. Brooke being the performer that she is, I was sure Yvie would be eclipsed but mama let us know that she is not her to play. I do want to give Ms Hytes her props, she was serving sex goddess on that stage. And Yvie was serving us EVERYTHING else. Props to ya, mama. And by props, I mean crutches. Seriously someone get that drag queen a chair.

4. BenDeLaCreme V Aja: “Anaconda”

I’m not gonna lie, in the moment, I thought this one was in the bag for Aja but Ben crept up and snatched it with her comedic prowess.

3. Chi Chi DeVayne V Thorgy Thor: “And I Am Telling You”

Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor along with all o’ them beads! *shivers* Chi Chi, girl you did that! I can’t get my head around how she is able to convey that amount of emotion without actually being the one singing the actual song. It is truly a work of art.

2. Sasha Velour V Shea Coulee: “So Emotional”

Speechless. Sasha smashed it. The gag of all gaggeries. Petals in the gloves, bruh? Petals under the wig, sis? I’m dead. Bye. Goodnight. She won the crown in this moment.

1.Dida Ritz V The Princess: “Everlasting Love”

Why is this my number one? Well, first of all, I’m annoyed you even had to ask. This is the first lip sync performance that truly made me gag and press that rewind button immediately after it was over. Dida brought her whole self to this performance and left it all out on that stage. She won without any cartwheels, confetti or wig reveals; she saved herself from elimination with pure unadulterated soul and I have never forgotten it. Dida will always have a place in my heart for this performance and it would take a lot to knock her off the top of my list.

You can watch RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 on Netflix in the UK on Fridays. Or super late Thursday nights, after it’s aired in the US, for any die-hard brits out there! (Someone comment with the time it’s available, if you’ve sussed it!)

What are your favourite RPDR lip sync performances? Did I leave any out? Let me know in the comments.