Glossier: The Brand I Really Wanted To Like

Daley Grace Sweeting


Good things come

in pink packages. Sort of.

A brand that encourages women to embrace and flaunt their natural skin over the usual mantra of "Conceal, conceal, conceal!" A brand that caters to all skin tones equally. A brand whose approach to skincare and makeup is optimistically minimalistic.

Revolutionary, no? The answer to all of my clutter-related problems, perhaps?

One glance at their website and I was hooked. Sleekly packaged products with fun names like "Cloud Paint", "Jelly Cleanser" and "Balm Dotcom" (I love wordplay!). Each order includes a sheet of cute stickers meaning you could personalise your goodies to match your particular brand of quirky.

You will get to know, reader, that I seldom do things by halves, which in this case means I bought almost one of everything in the makeup section. I held back on the Perfecting Skin Tint initially because a lot of user reviews mentioned it not being a great fit for the acne prone. I caved a few days later, however, and purchased the tint in "Dark" (which was an odd moment for me because I am the lightest mixed-race person I know) because I wanted the full Glossier experience.

My first, second and third impressions are these: the ethos and products that Glossier offer up are awesome and easy breezy and revolutionary...if you have close to perfect skin. They will not cover a multitude of sins and insecurities. And to be fair, they don't claim to, but that still doesn't quite take the sting out of the disappointment after reading the brand's claims of the Perfecting Skin Tint "evening out discolouration" and leaving your skin looking "smooth" and "toned". The skin tint is the sheerest of the sheer and while claiming to be lightweight, did feel quite heavy and oily on my combination skin after an hour or two. The Cloud Paint liquid blushers are super cute and have great names like "Puff" and "Haze", but weren't as easy to apply as you'd think and kind of fell into my pores and clogged in places, giving a not so smooth finish. I have had better results with the blushers when using a fuller coverage foundation as a base and still want to collect the other 2 out of 4 shades to give me a complete set, because, I'm Daley and I'm a Shopaholic. But I probably won't.

Now, it's not all bad news; there were a few products that worked for me. I am in love with  Boy Brow - the eyebrow grooming gel: this is the one instance where less is so much more for me. I don't want 4D brows that jump out and scream at people when I walk into a room. I want a reliable, easy to use product, which will subtly keep my unruly brows in place when I'm not wearing any makeup, or add a pop of natural colour at times when I've been a bit overzealous with the foundation brush! I also quite liked the Generation G matte lipstick. It's honestly the only lipstick I've ever used that looks casual, is buildable and doesn't gather or go clumpy after a few hours, so you can just put it on and forget about it. I will give a warning to people who suffer from dry lips, though: apply lip as a protective primer,  then slap a load more balm on at the end of the night before you go to bed - it is quite drying.

To sum up - I really REALLY like the idea of Glossier and I wanted their makeup to work for me so badly! They are a relatively new company so there's a chance that, in time, they will adapt their products to allow for slightly more coverage for us girls and guys who have a history of skin problems. I would absolutely recommend giving them a try if you have a "normal" skin type and have never had any issues that have caused scarring, pigmented or texturised skin. 

You can browse Glossier's range of products here. Shipping to the UK is free on purchases of £25 or more.