Why I Fell In Love With Fenty Beauty

Daley Grace Sweeting


"It was like being

shown to my seat at a table where everyone was invited."

Let me tell you about how I came to fall in love with Fenty Beauty. It was a mild autumn morning. I had barely wiped the sleep from my eyes when... JUST KIDDING! But seriously though, the day after the initial line was launched, my timeline was flooded with sparkling reviews (and ultra-sparkly pictures - all hail the Killawatt) of just about every piece of makeup Rihanna had curated for us lowly mortals. 

This lowly mortal is a shopaholic so, of course, I HAD to have at least one of everything. I spent the entire day trying to figure out my shade using a combination of Youtube videos and comparing other foundation brands I own on sites like findation.com looking for my match. It was a very in-depth process.

Like everyone, I was so blown away by the epic range of shades. The beauty industry can be so divisive: favouring this skin tone or that; this kind of woman or that. But not Fenty. There was something so special about scrolling through the spectrum of shades. It was like being shown to my seat at a table where everyone was invited. Inclusive. It made me feel like I was investing in something. A movement. So much more than makeup. 

It may seem silly or even shallow to speak about makeup in this way. But do you know what isn't silly? Money. Commerce. Where we spend our money matters and what I have come to realise is, more and more, people are paying attention to companies they are bankrolling with their day-to-day purchases. L'Oreal does the dirty on Munroe Bergdorf: boycott. Dove and H&M run with racist ad campaigns: boycott. And I for one am over makeup brands that stock 13 variations of beige and only two "medium-dark" shades. 

So thank you, Rihanna, for giving me a place to spend my money in good conscience. I am more than happy to help you build your empire, sis.

Photo: Daley Grace Sweeting | 2018

Photo: Daley Grace Sweeting | 2018

You can purchase Fenty Beauty at Harvey Nichols (if you're the UK), Sephora or straight from the source at fentybeauty.com